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About Polestar Pilates

    Polestar has been training practitioners and administering rigorous examinations since 1992. The Polestar Pilates curriculum and its associated qualification are already available and setting an industry standard in Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, USA and Asia (Host Centres in: Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand).

    The Polestar Pilates qualification is widely and highly respected worldwide - A truly valuable asset.

    Firmpoint Pilates is the exclusive host centre for Polestar Pilates training in Indonesia, and conducts Comprehensive Studio Rehabilitation Series .
    See Teacher Training Program

    For upcoming Teacher Training in Indonesia see Schedule, Fee and Registration

    Why Choose Polestar?

    Smart, forward-thinking doctors, therapists, trainers and health club owners know that Pilates is the leading edge in rehabilitation and fitness practice.
    Polestar offers the most comprehensive Pilates rehabilitation and fitness curriculum and certification in the world today. Medical facilities, performing arts conservatories and fitness trainers use our innovative system of Pilates techniques worldwide.

  • Is taught and supported by experienced professionals in the main urban centers throughout Asia, America, Europe and Australia
  • Is a highly respected and internationally recognized qualification.
  • Has the best coaching support in the industry for students to achieve the required level of competency.
  • Is built on scientific principles familiar to rehabilitation and fitness professionals.
  • Is centered on comprehensive problem-solving skills, encouraging adaptation and creativity.
  • Competency-based instruction measures student's ability to justify exercise selections or treatment plans.
  • Offers on-going Continuing Education program so vital for Pilates professionals to continue developing their knowledge base and teaching skills.

    The curriculum for these courses is internationally standardized so you can continue any of these courses in any one of many countries hosting Polestar Pilates programs. Firmpoint Pilates also has a comprehensive Polestar “Mentor Program” where you can continue to expand your skills and accumulate the necessary training to prepare for exams.
    Please contact us for details.
    International Polestar website - http://www.polestarpilates.com
    Polestar Pilates Asia website- http://www.polestarpilatesasia.com s .

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