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Teacher Training Program

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The Gateway Course starts with 3 hours Gateway Online module which provides the student with concise information about Pilates history, movement principles and professional ethics.

This is followed by any of the one exclusively designed Gateway contact modules (Gateway Mat 1) consisting of two days (16 hours) of contact time. This will not only equip students with an introductory level of Pilates teaching skills, quickly and effectively, but also form the base component of the Polestar Professional Level Qualification

The Gateway Course is an ideal introduction to Pilates instructing and can lead to a full professional level qualification course.

The below diagrams explains the process of certification and a more in depth description of each of the streams can be found below or by visiting.



Gateway Online: must be done before Mat 1

Gateway Mat 1: 9 / 10 Dec 2017 - FirmPoint Studio, Bandung*

Gateway Mat 1: 20 / 21 January 2018 - Reformation Studio, Jakarta**

PP Online: must be done before Mat Intermediate

Studio Foundation: 7 / 8 April 2018 - Reformation Studio, Jakarta

Studio Intermediate: 12 / 13 May 2018 - Reformation Studio, Jakarta

Studio Advanced 1: 14 / 15 July 2018 - FirmPoint Studio, Bandung

Studio Advanced 2: 11 / 12 Aug 2018 - FirmPoint Studio, Bandung

*/** choose one

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