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“Neurorehabilitation, Back Pathologies and Intentional Touch”

from Germany 

As a Holistic Physiotherapist, Osteopath, and Homeopath, along with his expertise of Rehabilitation, specializing in Pilates, ALEXANDER BOHLANDER is renowned as a POLESTAR EUROPE MASTER EDUCATOR.

He will be here in BANDUNG, INDONESIA ‪from 24 to 25 March 2018‬, teaching his clinical experiences in treating rehabilitative clients successfully with extra focus on deeper underlying reasons covering mental, emotional, visceral, energetical aspects through NEUROREHABILITATION, BACK PATHOLOGIES, and INTENTIONAL TOUCH topics, along with Pilates environment. 

Date: 24-25 March 2018‬
Venue: Firmpoint Pilates Setraduta Studio Bandung, Indonesia‬

Fee: IDR 8.000.000 / US$590
Early Bird by 20 Feb 2018: IDR 7.100.000 / US$520 

You will find his blissful personality makes the workshop easy to understand and fun while he shows a method which is simple and practical yet magically effective for your clients.

Prepare to be amazed and enlightened! 

Check his video on Polestar Youtube channel.

Pilates Mat/ Comprehensive education, Physiotherapist, other Licensed medical / rehabilitation professional (MD, PT, OT, DO, RN, Bach Sp Sc/Hmn, Bach App S)

Contact: us at:
Ph: +62 812 22 714 818
Email: firmpoint@yahoo.com
Instagram: firmpointpilates

Topic details: 

1. Introduction To Neurorehabilitation With Pilates.

Learn how to assess, manage, and improve clients and patients with neurological disorders. Parkinsons disease, Multiple sclerosis (MS) and stroke will need different movement approaches yet benefit from the Pilates environment with its unique assisted set up. The workshop will facilitate your understanding, and show and practise examples of effective use of Pilates as a methodology.

2. Intentional Touch.
Learning from him as an Ostheopath will enable us to have a close look and feel on how, where and when we touch in Pilates rehabilitation and what impact we have on body structures and all layers of the individual.
More tools will be added, like restoring, assessing and balancing touch, and see how through this simple yet often overlooked and important method, the lips become more reddish, pale skin becomes more colourful, and the breath becomes deeper. You don’t want to miss this one.

3. Pilates For The Back Pathologies.

Most "back" pathologies express a deeper underlying problem. Only 30 percent are truly of structural origin. This topic will feature common back pathologies such as disc, arthrosis and instability. Learn how to address these successfully in the Pilates environment.  Additional focus will be given on the pathology itself, and its deeper underlying reasons, i.e. mental, emotional, visceral and energetical, and how these can be addressed with Pilates exercises.

Alexander is a highly experienced and popular presenter, so do register early as places are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

See you in the workshop !
-Firmpoint Pilates Team-



The  Gateway Course starts with a 3 hours Gateway Online module which provides the student with concise information about Pilates history, movement principles and professional ethics.

This is followed by any of the exclusively designed Gateway contact modules (Gateway Mat 1) consisting of two days (16 hours) of contact time. This will not only equip students with an introductory level of Pilates teaching skills, quickly and effectively, but also form the base component of the Polestar Professional Level Qualification.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of Gateway module. Please note that Gateway is an introductory level course and not a full qualification.

The Gateway Course is an ideal introduction to Pilates instructing and can lead to a full professional level qualification course.


Gateway Online: must be done before Mat 1

Gateway Mat 1: TBC

PP Online: must be done before Mat Intermediate

Mat Intermediate: TBC

Mat Advanced: TBC

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